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  • Why are keywords important

    Keywords or Key Phrases are very important for images to be successfully found on Altho...

    Jul 14, 2017 10:27AM BST
  • Getting started and uploading your pictures

    If you have recently joined P4M welcome! Now what do I do? It can be a little daunting to find out how to ge...

    Oct 20, 2014 03:16PM BST
  • Little coloured cameras

    When you look at your portfolio you will notice that there will be a little coloured camera next to your image...

    Sep 22, 2016 03:55PM BST
  • Wording Master Class

    How do I get my pictures to show up on search? We have seen a lot of the recent uploads and wonderful as the ...

    Oct 20, 2014 02:24PM BST
  • Photographer Commissions

    How do I set my commission? Go to the page linked below. You have total control over how much you would like ...

    Oct 04, 2019 11:38AM BST
  • LInking to your images

    Can you link your website to Photo4Me and visa versa? Yes you can! In fact we encourage it! To do this, the ...

    Jan 09, 2017 04:09PM GMT
  • Display of sold images

    Where's my picture when it sells? When images sell on photo4me they will be displayed in many ways on the com...

    Oct 20, 2014 02:44PM BST
  • Print to fit

    Print to fit If you have an image which does NOT exactly fit one of our purchasing ratios we will do the fol...

    Jul 22, 2012 12:02PM BST
  • Shopping cart expiry and pending carts

    As an online business shopping carts have to persist for at least 7-14 days. This is an industry standard and ...

    Jul 22, 2012 12:17PM BST
  • Ratios

    The number of sizes available is relative to the number of different sizes we offer across all of our products...

    Aug 01, 2017 02:42PM BST

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