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Last Updated: May 15, 2017 12:36PM BST
How do I set my commission?

Go to the page linked below. You have total control over how much you would like to earn. You can set a minimum and maximum commission in your pricing settings. The percentage you set, will be the in between your minimum and maximum, if applicable. 

Be warned however that once you click "Save" your prices are locked for 7 days. The reason being is that some customers take their time to decide on a purchase. It's important for the site to maintain stable pricing for them. Please take care when making your decision on pricing. 

Please note: Admin cannot edit pricing once you have saved it. Only you will be able to amend it seven days later.

Example of a standard pricing settings is: 
Min: £5 Max £250 -- Commission 43%

How does the commission work? Who get’s what?
All prices are calculated off base cost. If lets say a canvas has a basecost of £100 and your commission was 50%. Then you would receive £50. Photo4me then adds a commission on the product on the shop page. Therefore the subtotal of the canvas would be £150.00 + whatever Photo4me's commission is. We would then need to take into account shipping costs and VAT.

Remember that the higher your commission and max, the higher the cost of the picture which could deter a client from purchasing your canvas to someone else's.
* Admin fee’s cover the cost for running the website and salaries of staff, Photo4Me ® make little to no profit on a sale.
Using the example above, here is how the price is broken down.
For someone purchasing within the UK. 

Subtotal: £150.00 (basecost + your commission) 
Shipping: £0.00
VAT: £30.00
Total: £180.00
When do I get paid?
Payments are fully automated; we send payments roughly 30 days after a client purchases the image.

Where do my payments go/How do I get paid?
Please make sure your Paypal account email address is correct in your profile settings. We use Paypal as our money exchanger. You will receive an email from Paypal with instructions on how to deposit your funds in your account. To set your email go to:

Where do I check my sales and when will I be paid?

To see the status of payment and to get an idea when you will be paid, go to:
How do I set my commission?

Go to the page linked below. Play around with it, you have total control on how much you would like to earn.

It’s been over 30 days! Where is my money!
Check all your junk filters and make sure you have the right email entered correctly. A simple search should bring up something from PHOTO4ME LLP
In rare cases we put payments on hold. This is due to shipping damage or in even rarer cases manufacturing defects. We want our product to arrive to 100% satisfaction of the client and ourselves. If this is case we offer a re-print or exchange. If the issue cannot be resolved we have no choice but to abide by our 30 day money back guarantee. So based upon this we will hold onto photographers commissions for up to 30 days after an order. Reasons for this being that it can take us two weeks to re-manufacture certain products.
If you haven’t received payment after 35+ days after your image was sold, contact and we’ll see what’s going on. We’ll need date of sale, how much was due and how much the sale was for to be able to see what’s happening at our end.
In the unfortunate event of a client wanting a refund and we have exhausted all possibilities of a re-print/exchange we have no choice but to refund the client as they have a 30 day money back guarantee. If a refund does happen, we will email the photographer and explain them of the refund.

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